Manufactured in the UK, Shutters Lite offer a unique and innovative shading solution that combines style, convenience, and durability.

  • Available in COTTON WHITE and ARCITC WHITE

One of the unique features of the Shutter Lite is that it opens with the window or door allowing you to keep your window ledge clutter free.

The shutters are fitted directly to the uPVC window frame, ensuring a sleek and slimline appearance from both the inside and out.

Enjoy full control over light and privacy with the ability to tilt the shutter louvres to any angle – open, closed, or anywhere in between.

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Key Facts

  • 63mm louvres
  • Moves with the windows and doors.
  • Can be easily removed for cleaning or decorating
  • Waterproof - can be wiped clean.
  • Made in the UK


I’m so sorry it’s taken so long to write this review! We got our Venetian blinds installed in the summer of 2021. We had spoken to a few people/companies but no one came as close as Nigel at Drakes Blinds. He was honest and professional, something that stood out from afar. We had originally a high street branded salesman come to the house and spun whatever he thought we wanted to hear then put a ridiculous price tag on it, then did that terrible sales trick of calling his boss to drop a few thousand £’s.

Nigel came in, sat with us for a good period of time, measured up, talked through our options and gave his recommendation for our window. I wanted the shutter blinds originally, but Nigel said our window was a square shape so the blinds wouldn’t sit well on the window, he instead recommended Venetian blinds instead. As it was during the summer of Covid, he followed the rules of social distancing, and told us honestly about the delay with materials. His wife Rachel was great to chat to on the phone and very helpful. I felt they were 100% every step of the way. We were recommended to them by a friend who had shutters done a few years prior and we’ve told plenty of people about them since. I think they’re great. They at first did our front downstairs window, and then came back a few months later to do the smaller window downstairs just by the kitchen. It’s so nice that the curtains have gone and the blinds open up the room. Excellent from start to finish.

Danielle Moon

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